We Remodelled the “Pals” Homes for 2018

“undecorated”technique to her furnishings options, her existing bedroom would have to read less nation and more Scandinavian. We would start with a half-painted wall and mismatched linen bedding.Photo:< a undefined href=http://www.tiaborgsmidt.dk/ target =_ blank > Tia Borgsmidt

SHOP Chandler and Joey’s Bachelor Pad Image:

Getty Images Joey and Chandler’s house was a real bachelor pad, where embellishing choices stopped at where to put the TV and the foosball table. We would wish to keep a manly feel in their 2018 house by keeping the furniture to a minimum and introducing color with the kitchen area cabinets. A dark charcoal kitchen would suit them perfectly.Photo: Philippe Garcia Image: Thanks to Greg Grande In their living space, we would keep a midcentury feel with a vintage console and leather chairs– simply not the La-Z-Boy kind. The TELEVISION would still have a popular location in the space– but a very little wall-mounted TELEVISION would look much sleeker and reflective of our decade.Photo: Tia Borgsmidt SHOP Photo: Getty Images Chandler Bing was an IT procurement supervisor, although none of his good friends seemed to comprehend what that suggested. He likewise loathed his job– and with such a beige workplace, we can comprehend why. In our modern-day version, he would have a streamlined corporate workplace total with an Eames executive chair. Obviously, we would also change the ancient PC with a sleek iMac.Photo: Anson Smart; DESIGN: Greg Natale Photo:Getty Images

Ross was a scholar, and his design taste was a bit more raised than that of his two best buddies. For him, we ‘d picture a smooth black-and-white interior with a gallery wall– perhaps even including a dinosaur or more. We would also replace his couch to read a little less club chair and a bit more Scandinavian modern.Photo: Tia Borgsmidt

STORE Picture: Getty Images Central Advantage may be among the most iconic TELEVISION interiors of all time– and while we disputed altering it at all, we desired to keep its essence: deep velour couches, bohemian style, and all. Soho Home’s newest addition on Manhattan’s Lower East Side seems like the perfect updated Central Advantage– with a living-room feel and lots of area to lounge around.Photo: Courtesy of


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